The History of the Fortune Cookie

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Engage in a fun hands-on activity and learn about the origins of the fortune cookie! Discuss the original "fortune cracker" and when fortune cookies became a staple in the United States. How did technology allow for mass production of this popular multicultural treat? DIY kit + lesson plan included. 

Write your own delicious destiny with these crafty, crispy treats! Whip up the batter, then swirl into circles on the baking mat. Fresh out of the oven, fold into the classic Chinese takeout treat shape, slipping in your favorite fortunes (chose from the 60 pre-written paper fortunes, or get extra personal with the "blank" papers and edible ink pen). Try a batch with cocoa too. Kit includes: Flour, Superfine Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Silicon Baking Mat, Paper Fortunes (60 pre-written plus blanks), Edible Ink Pen, Cooking Instructions, Shopping Guide (just add eggs, your favorite extract and salt) Servings: 40 Cookies (4 batches of 10)