Natural History Specimens

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High-interest science manipulatives for the curious scientist. Ethically and humanely sourced creature and critter parts for the classroom, lab or home studies. Set includes 12 unique animal components perfect for studying biology or even taxidermy. This set is especially recommended for studying Native American history. Native Americans often used bones, horns, antlers, and tusks of animals for a variety of useful tools in everyday life. In example: Spears, arrows, and club points as well as fish hooks, needles, pins, weaving tools, knives and chisels. Materials such as these were also used to make bowls, spoons, ceremonial objects, toys, games, ornaments, and jewelry. 


  • 12 Unique specimens in cool containers
  • Magnifying glass
  • Big ideas for creating art
  • Teacher's Guide: Lesson Plan Topics and Info Sheets