Mysterious Manipulatives

Mysterious Manipulatives

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These compact curiosities from Copernicus offer head-scratchers, rocks and minerals, science tools, and even a little other worldly magic. Excellent manipulatives to use alongside physics, earth science, the study of electricity and more!
Made in the USA.

This educational curiosities box includes:
Mystery Stick: Your little physicist can amaze friends with this mystery stick. The mystery stick operates on complex physics. Rub the bumps to create vibrations that make the prop spin, then make the prop appear to change direction on command. Handmade in the USA of wood. Operating instructions included.

Vortex Device: Create and control a phenomenal vortex. Connect two bottles with the device and see this force of nature in action. Instructions included.

TV Rock: Tune in to the phenomenon of ulexite. Plop this rock on any surface and it demonstrates a cool fiber-optic effect. The TV Rock projects images to its surface.

Tektite: Wow! rocks made from meteors smashing into earth! The only thing cooler than that is having some. We make it easy and fun with a great sample. Includes rock information.

Rattleback: A phenomenal physical curiosity! A semi-ellipsoidal top that spins in only one direction, seeming to violate the angular-momentum conservation law of physics. Exciting and mysterious.

Buoyant Rock: We think pumice is a pretty cool addition to any mineral collection. This volcanic material is so light that it actually floats on water. Kit includes one piece of pumice and a fact card.

Lodestone: This rare mineral is naturally magnetic. Used in early navigation and thought to have magical properties, lodestones are most likely made from lightning strikes.

Human Powered Light: Turn your body’s natural static charge .You can generate enough static to light up this little bulb. Feet dragging required!

Flash Rocks: Knock these rocks together for an electrical effect. Flash rocks are one of the few minerals with piezoelectric properties. So, when subjected to mechanical stress, these two little rocks generate an electrical charge and glow.

Coprolite: Yep, this is fossilized poop! Made by turtles millions of years ago.